EngineVOX – is a high-precision engine sound generator. Simply plug the EngineVOX into the standart port. And you will be amazed by how better your behind the wheel time is.

The EngineVOX uses noises recorded from the real cars. You can personally experience how the legendary Mustang or costly Aventador actually sounds.

The response time of the EngineVOX’s sound to any changes in the engine is quick and reliable. You will not have a shadow of doubt in reality of it.

EngineVOX v2.0 

Coming Out Soon

EngineVOX is an electronic device designed to convert electrical signals into audio frequency signals. The data loaded to EngineVOX and the processing algorithm we use allow us to reproduce the most realistic engine sound very accurately at any time under different load and RPM.

EngineVOX can be used in any industry that is related to vehicles.

  • in Automotive industry – to ensure the safety of pedestrians when using hybrid and electric transport, as well as to increase the attractiveness of vehicles while maintaining consistent compliance with legislation on the permissible transport noise levels;

  • in Tuning companies – to create individual exclusive sound design for any vehicle such as gasoline, diesel, electric and hybrid cars, motorbikes, motor bicycles, scooters, boats, airplanes, as well as for demonstration at exhibitions and shows;

  • in Simulators – for demonstration, training and gaming purposes;

  • in Racing – for gasoline and electric karting;

  • for Model vehicles, RC models, toys.

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